Sunrise Vehicle Registration & Services

Checklist for Registration Renewal

In addition to this checklist, please forward the following:

   Form MV-82 (Application for Registration or Title) Please sign the second page

   Proof of identification or incorporation

   Payment for registration fees. Note: if the registrant is not the cardholder, the cardholder must sign the authorization section in section #7 on the back of the MV-82.

   Check payable to Sunrise Vehicle Registration & Services for $30 plus renewal fee (See Link)

   Prepaid overnight envelope for return of registration (if expedited return is requested)

   Proof of Insurance must be submitted if the registration has expired for more than 30 days

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding the application process.
Our Telephone number is 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123
Incomplete or rejected application will be subject to a $10.00 fee.
This checklist must be forwarded to Sunrise Vehicle Registration & Services with your paperwork. Please send all documents to:

Sunrise Vehicle Registration & Services
1534 Eastern Parkway, Suite 299
Brooklyn, New York  11233-5005
Tel. No.: 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123  -  Fax No.: 1-347-221-0911

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