"Do what you do, better and nicer."

That's a Sunrise® tradition that  we expect everyone in our company to remember and respect in dealing with our clients. It means do the "little things." It means, "Go a little out of your way if you have to, in order to find out exactly the right information for a caller." It means, "Lots of times our clients are really hurting. Treat them like you'd want your mom or dad treated in the same kind of situation." It means, "Listen — really listen to what a client is telling you." It means almost always getting a real person, not an automated voice mail message when you call for information.

We Listen to Our Clients

Doing things "Better and Nicer" is more than a claim we make in our advertising. Listening carefully to our clients has always been the key to our success. We give client concerns top priority. Every staff member, every executive, every advocate takes client calls here — including Anthony Stevenson who frequently take turns answering calls at our national information call center in Brooklyn, New York.

When we talk to clients, we make sure that their specific Social Security Disability concerns are given the attention they deserve. We understand that many people who cannot work and who are waiting to receive Social Security Disability benefits have a very difficult time making ends meet. We know that people feel physically, emotionally and financially victimized by their illnesses, as well as by the Social Security Administration.

Don't Ever Give Up. Call Us.

By doing things "Better and Nicer," by taking the time to listen and to make sure you get the attention you deserve, we want to send a clear message to our clients: Success and a little comfort should be part of your America, too. Don't ever give up on your Social Security Disability claim. Contact us by calling 1-888-629-2854 or by completing an online contact form for a free initial consultation.

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SSD, SSI and Your Pain

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