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Request New York License Plates

*You are ordering Expedited License Plates and Registration*

Step 1.  Vehicle Registration Application

   -Click the MV 82 link below and complete the form. After the form is completed, print the form.

   - If you are transferring plates please include a copy of the registration with the correct plate number.

   Form MV-82

Step 2.  Sales Tax Clearance

   -Important: If you are a NY Car Dealer please submit an MV-50 retail certificate of sale

   -Sales Tax must be paid prior to registering a vehicle in New York State, our service includes paying the appropriate tax.  You are required to submit only one of the two forms below.  Please select the form below. Print the form and complete it. If you need help call us! 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123.

   * Form DTF-802

   - We need a Original of the bill of sale

   -In order to calculate the sales tax fees, click the link: Calculate Sales Tax Call if you need rates 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123.

   -Here is a Sales Tax Publication for up to date information.

   -Note: Some leasing companies require you to pay sales tax at inception. When paying sales tax on a lease, please include a clear copy of the Lease Worksheet. Use form Form DTF-802

   -After you have reviewed your paperwork, please make a check payable to the "Commissioner of Motor Vehicles" for sales tax due.

   -If  the sale is to a leasing company and the leasing company pays tax directly to NYS then this is considered exempt.  Form DTF-803 (Statement of Transaction, Exemption from sales tax) must be completed.  Please click on the link below, print this form and complete it. If you need help call us! 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123.
  * Form DTF-803

Step 3.  Recording a Lien

   -To record a lien on the title, the borrower and lender must complete an MV-900 (Notice of Lien). Print the form and complete it. If you need help call us! 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123.

   * Form MV-900

Step 4.  Odometer Disclosure/Damage Statement

   -Need MV-103 odometer statement, completed and signed.

   * Form MV-103

Step 5. Submit Title

  - You must submit an original title or original Certificate of Origin.

   - Both the seller and purchaser must sign the back of the title.

   - When transferring a new vehicle, the selling dealer must complete the back of the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin.

Step 6.  Proof of Insurance Coverage

   -Send a New York State Insurance Identification Card (FS-20) with scanable bar code.  The name of the policy holder must match the registrant’s identification.  The policy must be in effect on the day the vehicle is delivered or within 45 days prior to registration.

Step 7.  Proof of Identity for an individual /Corporation

   -You must submit proof of identity to obtain a registration for an individual.  Send a copy of the registrant’s New York State Driver’s License (6 Points) or click on the following link to see other acceptable Proof of Identity (6 Points is Required).

   -Proof of Corporation is required if the registrant is not an individual.  A copy of a Corporate filing receipt, Certificate of Incorporation, prior registration from another vehicle owned by the same Corporation, or Title reflecting the name as it will appear on the registration is required.

Step 8.  Calculate the Registration Fee

   -In order to calculate the DMV registration fees, please click the link : Calculate Registration Fees

Step 9. Payment

  *Please complete the order form fully and choose the service required to best meet your needs Print it out.        Use this form to generate a cover sheet for your registration paperwork.

  * We accept Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express   
     Payments only. No “Personal Checks” Will Be Accepted for Payment.

    If you decide to use the “PayPal payment option,” you will still be required provide us with all original
   documents for processing your request. When you use the “PayPal payment option,” it will provide you with 
   “Express Receipt” and it will allow us to begin preliminary processing of your paperwork before we receive
    the required original documention. AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED WE MUST RECEIVE ALL ORIGINAL 

                                   License Plate & Registration = $50 per transaction

  * Service Fee for Sunrise Vehicle Registration & Services/ExpressDMV = $50 per transaction
  * Turn around time= 2-4 business days
For same day service call us! 1-888-629-2854, Ext. 123.

Step 10. Mailing Instructions

Ship to :

Sunrise Vehicle Registration & Services/
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