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Acceptable Proof for Document Identity

A driver license, a learner permit, or a non-driver photo ID card issued by NYS. The photo document must be valid or expired for less than two years.

Point Value of Document

DMV form MV-45 (Statement of Identity), if the applicant is under the age of 21. The form must be signed by a parent or a legal guardian, in front of a DMV representative. Proof of date of birth of applicant and Social Security Card are also required. See form MV-45 for instructions. 6
A US passport that is current and is not expired. 4
A Certificate of Citizenship (N-560, N-561, or N-645). 3
A Certificate of Naturalization (N-550, N-570 or N-578). 3
A foreign passport with a valid I-551 stamp. The passport must be in English or translated by an embassy. 3
A Permanent Resident Card I-551. The card must be valid. 3
A foreign passport with a US visa and a valid form I-94 attached. 3
A US Re-entry Permit (I-327) that is not expired. 3
A US Refugee Travel Document (I-571) that is not expired. 3
A US Employment Authorization Card (INS I-688B or I-766) with a photo. 3
A US Military Photo ID Card (issued to military personnel only). 3
A welfare card, a Medicaid card, or a NYS Food Stamp Card with a photo. 3
A pistol permit issued by NYS or NYC. 2
A professional license issued by NYS. 2
A photo driver license issued by another state, jurisdiction or possession of the US, or issued by a province or territory of Canada. The driver license must be valid or expired less than one year. 2
A welfare card, a Medicaid card, or a NYS Food Stamp Card without a photo. 2
A US college photo ID card and an academic transcript. 2
A NYS interim driver license or a computer-generated learner permit, without a photo. 2
A US high school ID card and a report card. 2
A US marriage document, a US divorce document, or a court-issued name change document. 2
A US Social Security card that shows your signature. 2
A NYS registration document for a vehicle or a boat only. 2
A NYS title certificate. 2
A valid Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe ID card. 2
A valid Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe ID card and a Canadian birth certificate. 2
A computer-printed pay stub or employee ID card that shows your name. 1
A high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma). 1
A supermarket check-cashing card. 1
A union card. 1
A health insurance card or a medical prescription card issued in the US. 1
A life insurance policy issued in the US and in effect for at least two years. 1
A utility bill. 1
A Veterans Universal Access Photo ID Card. 1
A W-2 Form that shows your Social Security Number. 1
You can provide only one of these items issued by a financial institution:
a bank statement
a cancelled check (which displays your pre-printed name)
an ATM card or a debit card (which displays your pre-printed name and your signature)
a valid major US credit card
A birth certificate issued by the US State Department or by a Board of Health or a Bureau of Vital Statistics in the US or a US Territory. US Territories are: American Samoa, Guam, Marianna Islands, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Wake Island. 0
A Canadian birth certificate and a Canadian DMV document. 0
A valid Canadian passport (without INS documentation). 0
A Certificate of Birth Registration issued by the Department of Health of NYS or NYC. * 0
* The certificate must be an original certificate and must have the stamp or the embossed seal of the agency that issued the certificate. The certificate cannot contain any changes. The certificate cannot contain any errors in the name or date of birth of the applicant.

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