SSD and SSI Myths

All too often, people hold off from applying for the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits they need because they believe the SSD and SSI myths below. Don't be one of them. Contact us at Sunrise® by calling 1-888-629-2854 to get the right information about your disability benefits.

MYTH - You are not allowed to work if you are applying for disability.
Many people think that you're not allowed to work at all while applying for Social Security Disability benefits. This isn't necessarily true. You may be able to file for disability benefits if you are still working, but only if your monthly gross earned income is below a certain dollar amount. You can earn up to a maximum amount and still be eligible for SSD.
If you have stopped working, you should not hesitate to file for disability. The longer you wait, the more you may have to deplete your savings while you go through the Social Security Disability process.

MYTH - The Social Security Administration denies everyone the first time they apply for disability benefits.
While the Social Security Administration denies many (if not most) of the claims submitted, it is still possible to win your case the first time you apply. The best way to achieve success the first time is to know what you're doing or to work with an advocate who does. At Sunrise®, we handle tens of thousands of disability claims each year. With experience and an in-depth understanding on what makes a successful disability claim, you can trust in this: We'll deal with the government. You have enough to worry about.

MYTH - Certain diseases automatically qualify you for disability benefits.
If this was true, people with these disabilities wouldn't have to worry about dealing with governmental bureaucracy. Sadly, it's a myth. Regardless of the condition you face, the information provided by your healthcare provider is what the SSA uses to approve you for Social Security Disability benefits. This information must be complete and thorough in order for you to get the benefits you depend on.

MYTH - Young(er) people can't win their disability cases.
Many people in their twenties and thirties wrongly believe that it's impossible to win a SSD or SSI claim. This is simply not true. If you have a work history, and if you have a disability that will prevent you from working for a year or more, you may be eligible for benefits — regardless of your age.

MYTH - Sunrise® doesn't have an office in my state so they can't help me.
With a team that handles cases throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and all U.S. territories, as well as offices in locations nationwide, we have the capacity to help you file your SSD claim — no matter where you live. Whether you've been injured in Alaska or Hawaii, Texas or New York, or anywhere else in the United States, at Sunrise® we are just a phone call away. It's 1-888-629-2854.