Supplemental Security Income

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SSI is short for Supplemental Security Income. It pays monthly cash benefits to people who are age 65 or older, those who are blind or those who have a disability and who do not own much or have a lot of income. SSI is not just for adults. Monthly benefits may go to disabled and blind children too.
To learn about the benefits for which you may be eligible, call us at 1-888-629-2854. We'll be glad to talk with you about all of your SSI concerns, and give you clear answers to your questions.

Help is here:
·We will help you understand your SSI eligibility, so you'll know if you're eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits.
·We will help you understand the amount of benefits you may receive. This amount depends on the state in which you live. The benefits paid in New York may not be the same as the benefits paid in Illinois or Colorado. The basic SSI amount is the same nationwide, but many states add money to this basic benefit.

·We will answer your frequently asked questions about SSI.
We'll Deal With the Government. So you can relax.
Successfully applying for SSI can take a great deal of time due to government red tape. But at Sunrise®, our clients don't have to worry about dealing with the government. We do it for them.

As a large national company, we have the resources to protect your interests against the huge government bureaucracy. Nobody intimidates our clients. Not even the government.

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